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How to tackle your diaper/wipe wall

If your village understands the assignment they will shower you with diapers and wipes. Some moms have a specific brand on their registry which makes it easier for friends send family to gift and others have a few different types of diapers and wipes. Regardless of which brand you like, truth is you have to wait until your baby is here for trial and error when it comes to which brands work.One of my favorite things to do for moms on a postpartum shift is to tackle the diaper and wipe wall.

No I don't physically tackle the wall what this means is I sort by size, pull out brands baby hasn't been feeling so far, and store remaining diapers. If time permits I do the exchange for clients I'll speak to in a second.

Sorting by size involves making opened packages or current sizes are easily accessible and restocked. All sizes baby has yet to wear are stacked in ascending size or by box shape/size. It helpful to have a cart or a bin where loose diapers can be grabbed from for ongoing changes vs grabbing out of the boxes.

Once you know the brand you're rocking with, clear out space by getting rid of them. Gift them to an expecting mother, exchange them at the store for a brand you like or size you need, or simply ask for a refund or store credit. I've helped families get as little as $50 and as much as $150 in store credit for unwanted brands or sizes. Store credit comes in handy when shopping for other baby items, household items, and even mommy items. Using a barcode scanner app like Shop Savvy can help you price match for the biggest bang on your exchange. Load them all up and head to the store. Most stores require ID for exchange so have it handy.

Store the rest of the diapers you plan to use somewhere you won't have to deal with them until needed. If there is room under the crib, the diaper sleeves come out and store very easily underneath most raised beds. I like to store loose wipe packs in under the bed shoe or clothing containers.

If you don't have a raised bed, find a closet, attic, garage, or basement to store until it's time to size up. You will feel better walking into a decluttered room and you removed the possibility of stacked items falling on anyone, especially baby. My last mom I helped tackle the diaper wall was so excited to have 2 entire walls back in her nursery from my method and one less thing to do on top of taking care of a newborn.

Hopefully this encourages you to tackle your diaper wall or help a friend once baby arrives. Leave a comment below and tell me all about it.

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