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— Name, Title

The importance of making sure the decisions you are making during this critical time of birth and postpartum is why you need a Doula. Look at us as a thought partner for all the things to come with unbiased, evidence-based and client-centric information. 


We would love to be on your support team. Read a bit about us below and book a consultation with someone on our team today. All consultations are virtual and last 20 mins. 

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Question: Does WhatTheDoula offer birth only support?

Answer: Currently, WhatTheDoula only accepts clients seeking a birth and postpartum Doula. Click here for a list of excellent birth Doulas.

Question: How does the money work for a Doula? Can I use insurance?

Answer: Doulas are typically cash pay with a retainer due at booking and a set date for the balance. Insurance does not currently cover Doula support in TN. I can accept HSA cards just connect with me if needed.

Question: What happens if someone is due the same date as me?

Answer: I try not to accept clients due within close ranges of one another unless I have secured a solid back-up Doula. You will know this at booking if this is your case.

Question: If you miss the birth is there a refund? Are services prorated for any event?

Answer: Doula support is deeper than just making the birth, the real work is done in the prenatal education visits, There are no refunds or prorating for any reason. 

What Clients Say

"Her care doesn't stop at delivery. She's also really good at checking up and providing postpartum support. I can't say enough good things about her. Not only did I have a doula, but I gained a friend. If I get pregnant again, there's no one else I would trust. So get yourself a doula, mane!"  - Brenae
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