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Placenta Encapsulation

The placenta serves a clear purpose during gestation—transporting vital nutrients to the fetus—but its powers don’t stop after you give birth. Most mammalian animals are clued into the post-birth benefits of the placenta; all of them, from cats to horses to goats, consume it after giving birth to their babies. Though there is little research behind placentophagy, or the consumption of the placenta, the organ is known to contain prostaglandin, which helps the uterus to contract after birth, and the coveted oxytocin (the “love hormone,” which encourages bonding between mother and child and stimulates lactation). 

Consuming the placenta can be a powerful way to close the circle of pregnancy and birth. The organ was created by your pregnant body to sustain your baby, and now your postnatal body, and the baby it still sustains, will thrive from its powerful benefits.

Placenta Encapsulation Fees

  • PIlls only- $250

  • Pills and art work +cord keepsake $350 ($100 discount if under contract for birth)

  •  Artwork Only- $200

Fees above include pick-up up placenta and delivery. The client must inform the care provider of the intention to take placenta.  Typical turn around is 7 days.

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