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Peri Care Soak(Yoni Steam)

Peri Care Soak(Yoni Steam)

PriceFrom $18.00

An herbal blend sure to soothe the soreness and tears during childbirth while aiding in postpartum healing and wellness.


Directions: Take a 1-3 handful of herbs and add them to a mason jar (avoid plastic). Fill the jar with boiling water and let it soak for 2-4 hours or until slightly warm to touch. Add the warm, strained blend to peri bottle and squirt on vagina after using the restroom vs wiping, soak towel or cloth in tea and compress against vagina or perineum, or add strained tea to sitz bath or tub (allow bleeding to cease before submerging).


Yoni steam to prepare for labor: Vaginal dryness can make labor difficult. Yoni steaming is helpful to lubricate the vaginal tissues, help blood circulate,  and allow tissues to relax for the marathon that labor may be. It is not safe or recommended to encourage labor in any way before 37 weeks, before your baby shows you they are ready, and never against your intuition. 


Safety: Yoni steaming is soothing and you may find that you desire to sit longer or have the steam hotter. Our suggestion is to choose up to a 10 minute mild yoni steam set up for starting once a day up to three times per day. Additional yoni steams are not advised to avoid adding too much heat to the already easily heated pregnant body.



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