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Contraction Tracking Apps: Yes or No?

Here you are at the end of your pregnancy journey and you are sure these little sensations are contractions! Whether this is baby number 1 or number 6, everyone needs to monitor the space between, duration, and length of contractions. Are you using your smart watch? phone? pen and paper? actual stop watch? Well, if you like convenience and technology..... There's an app for thatA

I think back to my first pregnancy and I ended up in the hospital hooked up to monitors to track my contractions. I was given Cervidil to thin my cervix and encourage my water to break on its own. Within 2 hours on insertion, my water broke, and 11ish hours later my daughter was born.

With my son however, I actually thought in advance about how or where I would time the contractions. I used the BabyCentre

Suggested App:

MyFetalLife (3.7 star rating)

BabyCentre (4. 8 star rating)

Bump (4.8 star rating)

Interesting App for Dad

DaddyUP -If your partner is interested in updates about what you are going through and advice/tips from other dads he should download this!

If you haven't thought about it, download a few of the above apps and let me know how you like them. Each has different features that can be help in the postpartum phase.

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