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How to narrow down your Doula

If you're local in Memphis, there are a plethora of experienced and novice Doulas popping up and supporting birth here, there, and everywhere. Much like you need to carefully choose your provider it's the same with your Doula. Popularity on social media and pricing shouldn't be your only determinants for picking your support team. So what should you be asking or looking for? Let's get into it.

  • Reviews - What their clients and others are saying about them matters. Not the few reviews they choose to list on their website, I'm talking the customer led ones on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and in mommy groups. That's where the real tea is anyway.

  • Experience/Certification- Doulas are an unregulated field so certifying is not required. If this matters to you, ask why they did or didn't certify. How long have they been doing this work? I'm on year 4 and I've trained with 3 organizations and currently train other Doulas.

  • Doula Philosophy- How they Doula impacts you. My philosophy is the birthing person's voice and choice are priority and all people deserve quality care and support. Having a Doula with an agenda you didn't know about would suck if it didn't align with yours. It's your choice to get the epidural or not and I won't judge you when things change.

  • Business volume- How busy are they and what does client-Doula interaction look like? Ask if they have other families due within your due month range. If they do, ask about a co-doula or back up doula and how that works.

  • Add-ons and extras- Other than Doula support what can they bring to the the table that saves you time? I offer lactation, yoga, and childbirth classes which helps a lot of my clients not have to run all over the city. My recent certification in Spinning Babies ®️ has been a game changer.

  • Community Involvement- What resources and providers are they connected to or aware of that can enhance your experience. My clients learn about my mobile Chiropractor and more through my resource list.

  • Emergency pivots- what can you expdct in an emergency? Ask about examples in the past if they are experienced. How do they handle birth plan changes whether is method of birth or location change?

  • Continuing education- How are they ensuring they stay in the know with changes in the field? What recent trainings or workshops have they attended to grow their skillset? I'd be a little nervous to receive lactation support from someone who never actually studied the breasts and doesn't continue to study them. *cough cough*

This list is exhaustive because there a million other things that matter but these come to mind for me and I hope they help you narrow down your choices. Regardless of who you book, save and read your contract or service agreement to ensure they can and will honor the agreement.

If you have more questions about interviewing a Doula feel free to drop a comment here.

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