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Stepping out on faith

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

I am excited to announce that I am officially starting my journey/training to become a certified Doula! A doula is a judgement free supporter of all things healthy happy mommy and healthy happy baby. Doulas are not not medical experts but instead educators for mothers on evidence based practices applicable from birth through the first year of life.

Please stay tuned and share any posts that you think may be relevant to a new mom in the Memphis/surrounding areas. WhatTheDoula is a passion project of mine to bring awareness to the alternative birthing experiences moms and dads can take advantage of. Currently the mortality rate of women of color and their babies in the US AND the Mid-South is astonishingly high. I believe this can be curbed through awareness and exposure to alternatives other than the "traditional" birthing experience. Help me build my clientele for 2020! 1.Share this post on your story! 2. Tag 3 expecting moms, new moms, or moms in search of a postpartum doula.

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