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Transitioning home with baby

Post birth check-ins are so crucial to adjusting to life at home with a baby. If you spent a few days in the hospital or were separated from baby for medical reasons it may take some time to get in the groove of life at home with a a baby.

Week 1 tips for a newborn from a Doula:

1. Co-Room with baby. Having a bedside sleeper set up to place baby in makes tending to their needs much easier.

2. Do skin to skin often. Your bare skin on baby's bare skin makes the transition process easier for everybody.

3. Feed on demand. I know the hospital schedule threw a wrench in there but babies eat more often than every 3 hours. Feed your baby mane.

4. Limit visitors to crucial players. You need to be comfortable having your top off and uncle Phil ain't ready to see all that.

5. Give yourself grace. Your baby is new and so are you so take the needed time to adjust.

6. SWADDLE & SHHH- baby is used to tight dark spaces and white noise so recreate the vibes outside..

7. Track it. Download a nursing app to track feedings and diapers. Parent brain is real so don't try to remember it all.

8. Use your postpartum hours sooner than later. It sets the tone for how you have other support you when they offer.

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Thank you for sharing!! Greatly appreciated!! 💙


Lauren Hudson
Lauren Hudson
Nov 13, 2022

Love this information!

Kaila Matthews
Kaila Matthews
Nov 13, 2022
Replying to

Thank you! Extra emphasis on #5

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