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Your birth. Your choice.

You need

a doula mane.


Doulas are a vital addition to one's support team for pregnancy and postpartum and aid families emotionally, physically, and through presenting them with evidence-based information. Black women in the United States of America are more likely to experience unfair or and/or poor treatment as it relates to maternal healthcare. Unnecessary interventions are more likely to be suggested if you have not been educated throughout pregnancy and practiced advocating for yourself and your baby. I am a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula who supports families in the Memphis, TN area and virtually all across the United States. I love supporting families looking to educate themselves on the benefits of breastfeeding, baby-wearing, creating healthy boundaries, and making informed decisions.  There are so many options and choices you have in your birth experience that we can explore together. Below are a few benefits of having a doula. 

Clinical Benefits

  • Reduces the use of unnecessary medical interventions in labor

  • Reduces the likelihood of c-section

  • Incorporates various pain management methods during labor

  • Increases the chances of successful breastfeeding

Emotional Benefits

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Increased confidence

  • Improved postpartum mental health

  • Family bonding & Support for partner & sibling

Physical Benefits

  • Increased movement in pregnancy and labor

  • Improved relaxation in pregnancy and labor

  • Comfort & Pain Management during labor

  • 4th Trimester support

  • Lactation support


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