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Breastfeeding on demand

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

When do you eat? Exactly at 12pm each day or when you are hungry?⁣

I'm sure you answered, "When I'm hungry!", so it's not hard to grasp that our 🤱🏿 babies should be fed in the same manner.⁣ 🎯🎯⁣

This photo was a proud moment for me because I was wearing Maison and doing some housework. He found my boob himself and nursed while in the wrap! It felt so good to know he knew what to do to get what his food. I'd been consistent at exclusively breastfeeding for about 6 months here while on maternity leave. It also assured me that when he is hungry, he will eat and should be able to eat, even if I'm cleaning.⁣

Feeding on demand has been proven benefits for mom and baby. One of my clients has been following my tips and we she testified she feels more confident each day at nursing as a first time mom.

⁣Here are a just a few benefits of on demand feeding: 1. Strengthened bonding- The more you connect your baby to your breast, the stronger your bond becomes. Each session try to observe baby's gestures and sounds while nursing. You can catch the cues they are finished or ready to switch sides and it feels good! Speak affirmations to your baby and smile often and with each touch from your baby you create the environment for oxytocin to surge! 2. Increased confidence in your ability to nourish- It's scary not being sure the milk transfer is happening when breastfeeding because unlike a bottle you can't see it happen. The more you successful feeding sessions you experience, the more likely you are to grit through the tough bouts where milk supply dips or feeding patterns change. Trust me it happens. 3. Increased milk supply- The key to more milk is more expression not those lactation teas or cookies! Each time your baby drains your breast you send signals to your body to produce what you've expressed. Increase the flow of your milk pre session by taking a few minutes before nursing to stimulate your nipples. Let baby sniff at them or lick (kind of like they are searching to latch). 4. More efficient feeding sessions- Once you establish a rhythm you should notice your sessions are shorter and probably more frequent,that's ok. Fast milk expression= higher fat content. Higher fat content milk mean a.more satisfied baby. Breastfeeding apps are helpful ways to gauge nursing session length and # of feedings each day. Don't get locked in by the numbers but use them as a helpful guide. Again these are just a few benefits to feeding on demand. It doesnt take expensive lactation cookies or 1000oz of water to be successful with breastfeeding.

Im learning something new each day and with each mom and baby I interact with. Breastfeeding isn't something that just comes to you even though you do it naturally you must educate yourself and its takes practice, takes a support system, a growth mindset, and some perseverance but the benefits for mom and baby are worth it. If you or someone you know needs lactation support please leave a comment or connect with me today!


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