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Desire To Be Fit during COVID-19

With each day that goes by more and more states are issuing "safer at home" mandates causing closing of businesses all over and calling for sheltering in place. Just because we are ordered to stay at home doesn't mean we can't prioritize and make room for physical activity.

Movement in general is very important for health and one is especially encouraged when growing a human. Physical activity has many benefits and is known to make the changes that happen to your body during pregnancy more manageable. As a mom of 2 and full time teacher and wife, I am constantly moving but not consistently intentional about the activity I engage in daily and what it's targeting. As I was looking for content for my pregnant clients to stay busy during this "safer at home" time I came across a post from a friend from college.

I see posts daily on my timeline of all these "at-home" workouts that look good but truth be told..... I'M OUT OF SHAPE SIS. I start those workouts I see and feel like a failure and don't attempt again. What I like about these workouts is little to no equipment is needed and I can I was inspired by seeing a post by Jasmine Moulden, Owner of Desire To Be Fit, with very easy to attempt workouts to ease my way into a routine.

The bonus of her workouts were they were prenatal friendly as she is an expecting mother as well as a fitness and health professional. I am able to benefit from these videos and so are my clients.

It is true that workouts for moms to be and expecting moms aren't the same as the workouts and guess who has more than enough time to learn how to modify movement? You Do Sis!

Let's get moving together! I've linked her contact information and social media if you'd like to connect with her as a resource.

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