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Is a Doula on your birth registry?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The title is a serious question. Is a Doula on your registry? If so, how many doula support shifts are you requesting? Does it compare to the number of diapers you are thinking you are gonna needs?

If one is not on your registry , what is on your registry?

The unfortunate reality is most health insurances do not reimburse birthing parents for doula expenses. If you haven't asked your insurance company if they do, CALL THEM NOW!!! They need enough of their consumers inquiring about this. Covered or not, it doesn't negate that you need a doula, but it can sometimes be the barrier for moving beyond that fire ass consultation for some clients I interview. I 100% believe I provide a whole support system that merits the compensation charged and I understand everybody's finances aren't an on equal playing field. I 100% disagree that you should miss out on an essential support because of finances so I'm here to give you some free game.........add a doula fund to your registry TODAY!

With the exception of 1 client so far, none of my clients or potentials had a doula on their birth registry. Most of them didn't know that it was an option. I know I didn't. I found out I was pregnant and I made my baby registries on,, and and called it a day. I wish someone had told me I could use the sites I am about to tell ya'll about right now when I was having baby #2. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Note: These sites are in no order of preference and non are sponsors. I have not used any of these sites and am note responsible for your choice to use them. I encourage further investigation.

The creators of honeyfund, a husband and wife, made this spinoff site to save the day and help save your friends and families from buying you 7 of the same onesie your baby won't wear because we are in the house anyway. No seriously, just like the other sites listed below, this site uses Paypal as a filter for whatever baby related fund you decide to need.

Babylist is an online website that allows you add items from all types of stores (big and small) including a Cash Fund. It's the 1st that pops up on Google when you type doula fund and it syncs directly to your Paypal or allows gift senders can send you a check/cash. I like this is an app vs a website only interface. This Emerald Doula's blog post has a cool pictorial guide if you are interested.

The is alot going on when you first enter the site but this is another online website that advertises linking with other stores, large and small, while allowing one to create a cash fund. I did appreciate seeing outright that there is a fee for gift givers to give a certain amount of money from this site. They also go through Pay-pal and were the only company that stood out with a COVID-19 response or notice. This lets me know they are constantly updating their online presence.

Other options I came up with:

  • Have friends and family Cash-App,Pay-pal, Zelle, Venmo, etc you or your Doula (clear this in advance lol) with a note- "Your Name Doula Fund" and get you a birth and postpartum doula.

  • Ask your doula if they accept payment plans

  • Ask your doula if they accept credit cards (there may be an extra fee)

It's time that we move beyond the consultation and start booking the extra support systems we deserve without finances being a block. I'm sure you are surrounded my people asking you daily, "What do ya'll need for the baby?" and your answer on auto-pilot should "We need a doula! Let me send you our doula fund link now!"

Do you know other websites that allow birth parents to add a doula or cash fund? Please feel free to let me know and I'll update this list!

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