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Nutrition & Pregnancy

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

I'm a 2nd time mom and I won't act like I know it all when it comes to prenatal nutrition and pediatric nutrition. I always tried to help my daughter eat better than I did as a kid but it wasn't until my son started showing allergies to most things. I asked my clients what questions they had and reached out to a professional for their input.

Special thanks to Whitney Wilkins, RD of Wilkins & Westbrook Nutrition Counseling, LLC. for her IG Live question and answer session. Here are most of our conversation:

Question: 1) What vitamins are safe to consume while breastfeeding? I took Cod oil capsules before ever becoming pregnant and they worked great. I never got sick ever. Are they safe to consume ??

Answer: This is really good for your immune system and to boost. Studies showed that moms who take while pregnant are fine and that their kids have less chance of developing Type 1 diabetes. Capsules can be found on supplement aisle in pharmacy.

2) Is intermediate fasting safe during postpartum?

Answer: Very deep topic but long story short, we naturally intermediately fast when we sleep and eat normally. If breastfeeding, it is not recommended to make sure you get the needed calories and nutrients. If not breastfeeding, slowly introduce it to make sure you are healing and suggested to get with RD for more information.

3)I'm starting to notice this time around dairy is definitely not being my best friend. How Can I substitute?

Answer: It happens. We develop intolerances. Dairy is recommended for calcium and vitamin D. Be sure to supplement somewhere else like with fortified cereals.

4)What are some meals that will help energy during the postpartum period.

Answer: Foods rich in B12 is her recommendation . Vegans can't get it from animal products. Nuts, nut butters, vitamin C are a suggestion for sources.

Prenatal Questions:

1)Should you avoid anything to help decrease your chance of Gestational Diabetes?

Answer: Does mom have type 2 after no longer pregnant? Goes back to your diet. Stay away from simple sugars (sodas, balance of carbs day to day) skip the same meal daily if you skip and know that the body works in a pattern.

2) Is meal planning post postpartum really beneficial?

Answer: Individualized meal planning is helpful. She provides this services based on medical history. Calories, protein, sodium are all taken into account. Her niche is postpartum moms . Check ins, and help out with infant/child nutrition ages 1-18.

3)What is good amount of calories to eat to help increase milk supply and help with weight loss at the same time?

Answer: The goal is 2700-2900 calories a day for a mom in her 3rd trimester but depends where mom starts.

For moms with Gastro Intestinal Issues- Pre and probiotics are your best friend.... fermented cheeses and yogurt... whole grains. Some are in pill form.

I noticed my son has a negative reaction to whole milk? What are alternatives?

Answer: Soy milk. Lactose free whole milk. Underage of 2 so the fat from the milk is needed. Avoid Almond milk.

Other helpful tips:Monitor the amount of protein you consume. Too much can cause kidney problems. You can give your kids Pediasure when they are not eating well.

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